System 2000 

As a premier dealer, we offer both heating repair and installation for System 2000 boilers.

System 2000 incorporates the world’s smartest boiler control and eliminates the flaws and inefficiencies found in conventional boilers. It outperforms all boilers in its class by maximizing heating, hot water, and overall system efficiency.

Quietly cuts fuel bills up to 40% or more!

Compared with competing models with similar ratings, System 2000 reduces your fuel bill by up to 40% or more, delivering big savings. In addition to great savings, System 2000 provides virtually unlimited hot water and legendary whisper-quiet operation.

Forced Hot Air Furnaces

Forced hot air furnaces provide a great even heat throughout your home in the winter and can be equipped with a split air conditioning system to keep you cool in the summer. Furnaces also provide flexibility for installing other systems to improve comfort and air quality. This includes humidifiers to prevent the air in your home from becoming too dry in the winter months,and air cleaners/air purifiers to eliminate harmful particles from the air you breathe such as allergens, bacteria, viruses, and mold spores.


Wall Hung Boilers

Condensing boilers are the most efficient way to heat your home when using fossil fuels. With up to  95% AFUE, wall hung boilers can be the best way to save money while freeing up valuable floor space. Call today for your heating repair or installation estimate!

Outdoor Boilers

Tired of high fuel costs? Wood fired heat can be a much cheaper alternative than gas or oil. Central Boiler provides a high efficiency alternative that uses wood fire to heat water similar to a conventional boiler. With class leading technology including an app to help monitor and change settings Central Boiler will keep you in the heat and out of the cold.


Heat Pump

Heat Pumps are just what you need to keep you cool through summer and warm during winter. Offering up to 20 SEER2 efficiency, these systems can operate at lower outdoor temperatures in the winter saving you on fuel costs. In the summer heat pumps still offer superior cooling keeping the heat and humidity out of your home.


24 Hour Service

We offer 24 hour service 7 days a week. Don't go without! Call today for your heating repair.